The Benefits of a Heat Pump

Why Should You Install a Heat Pump?

The Sun delivers more than enough heat per year than we need to heat our homes and buildings - unfortunately the Sun's heat comes during the day time and in Spring and Summer - whereas heating is needed at night time and in the Winter.  That's why Heat Pumps are brilliant!  

Heat Pumps move Heat Energy from ambient surroundings and concentrate it to higher temperatures in order for that heat to be useful and usable within normal heating situations. Since it is a lot more efficient to move heat energy from one space to another rather than creating heat  by burning fuels, Heat Pumps are the most efficient way of providing comfort space heating and domestic hot water for use buildings.

The Benefits


Typically, the lifespan of a heat pump is twice that of a traditional boiler.

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Average Lifespan of a Boiler

0 Years

Average Lifespan of an Air Source Heat Pump

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Average Lifespan of a Ground Source Heat Pump

Produce a comfortable environment

Heat pumps automatically adjust to maintain your desired room temperatures.

This photo is taken from an small project we installed called Crabtree Lodge. Crabtree Lodge is a carbon neutral home.


Confortable environment heat pump benefit

Lower Your Energy Bills

84% of your energy costs are from heating and hot water. Traditionally most heating systems are inefficient and poorly controlled. A correctly designed, well installed and well operated heat pump system could save you over 50% on heating costs compared to conventional methods. 


Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuel, helping to eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

CO2 Emission

To generate 1000kWh of heat, the following boilers will create this much carbon dioxide:

(Assumes 90% boiler efficiency and 100% direct electric efficiency)


Lower VAT

As heat pumps use renewable energy, they benefit from lower VAT. This is reduced to 5% for domestic applications and 0% for new builds.

Meet low energy building regulations & decrease your carbon footprint

As a renewable technology, heat pumps reduce your energy consumption and can help you obtain planning permission.


The Renewable Heat Incentive, promote the use of renewable heat, thus, people who install or have already installed either ground or air source heat pumps will receive quarterly payments during 7 years.


Have flexibility when choosing heat distribution options

Space heating can be delivered through any mixture of underfloor  heating and low temperature radiators.

Want to know more?

Have a look at some of our Fact Sheets. Simply click on the link's below to download. 

Smart Renewable Heat only supply MCS accredited heat pumps and are MCS certified installers ensuring you qualify for all available grant funding.

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