SMART Annual Service & Maintenance

Enjoy Peace of Mind with a SMART Annual Service & Maintenance Plan

You’ve installed a Smart Renewable Heat state of the art renewable heating system and you want it to keep optimal performance, with a Smart Annual Service & Maintenance Plan you will benefit from an Annual Service by our experienced and qualified engineers, online and telephone support and reduced engineer call-out charges and labour charges. Keeping your system in tip top condition is required in most cases to maintain your manufacturing warranty or if you are claiming Renewable Heat Incentive payments, and a smart annual service is one way to do this.

Different heat pump systems will have different service requirments. An air source heat pump will require checks on any hot water storage system in place, pressure vessels, the electrical supply and water connections and heating system pressure.

A ground source heat pump has the addition of ground loops or boreholes to consider so a standard service may involve checking the brine system, the particle filter, anti-freeze protection.

All of these items and many more are checked and inspected by our engineers during your Annual Service to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as it can.

What your SMART Annual Service & Maintenance Plan will include*:

1 Annual Service in a 12 month period including report:
Our Engineer will visit your property at a mutually convenient time to complete this, when you can also ask him any questions you may have regarding the operation of your heat pump.

Telephone support with our Duty Engineer during 9am until 4pm during our opening hours:
Our Duty Engineer is available to discuss questions, queries or issues you may be experiencing.

Experienced Engineer Maintenance Services:
Should you require any repairs outside of any warranty you may have on the heat pump system, we will provide quotes for our Experienced Engineers to complete this. 

*Terms and conditions apply

Interested in getting your Heat Pump serviced?

If you are a customer of ours already and would like to know more about our SMART Annual Service & Maintenance Plan then please give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you have a question about your current installation with us?

Ask us anything. 

Do you have a fault with your Heat Pump?

Already have a SMART Annual Service & maintenance plan? Report your fault here.

Our Heat Pump Service Checks Include*:

*Actual checks completed are dependent on the system installed

Test heat peformance in heating and hot water modes

Check pressure

Check flow rate and adjust if necessary

Check immersion heater

Test unvented safety items

Check expansion vessel

Check insulation

Anti-freeze check

Check and clean filters if required


Some of our most frequently asked questions

How do I arrange a service visit?

We will make routine service arrangements annually with you at a mutually convenient date and time so you won’t need to do anything. However you can also contact us using the details below at any time to discuss your next service visit.

When will my engineer arrive?

Our service team will advise you on an approximate time of arrival upon confirmation of your booking and we will inform you of any anticipated delays as soon as possible.

What do I do if I have a fault or question about my heat pump?

If you have a smart service and maintenance plan in place you can report your faults or submit questions for our duty engineer either through our website or by calling our dedicated service line. A duty engineer will then respond to our plan customers and give technical advice. If our duty engineer can fix your fault over the phone, he will. He is also available to answer your general questions or queries.

What if the duty engineer can’t fix my fault over the phone?

If the duty engineer is unable to assist you over the phone and your issue requires our engineer to attend, we will contact you with the duty engineers recommendations and a quote to complete any work or investigations not covered under warranty. Once this is agreed we will schedule an engineer to attend to complete the work agreed at our earliest available date, on a best endeavour basis. Plan customers receive discounted call out and labour rates.

What if I just want an engineer to fix my heat pump without a plan in place?

Smart Renewable Heat feel that having full knowledge of your heat pump system via a thorough annual service is the best way to provide our customers with the high level of service they expect. We currently do not offer one-off repairs. A new customer experiencing a heat pump fault would be required to sign up to a plan and any investigation into the fault would be completed alongside the full annual service inspection. Work and parts to remedy faults discovered at the first service would then be quoted for.

Do you service and maintain all types of Heat Pumps?

Smart Renewable Heat install, service and maintain the following Heat Pumps: Mitsubishi, NIBE, Danfoss/Thermia, Mastertherm and Vaillant. If your Heat Pump is not one of these please get in touch to ensure we are able to offer our plan to you. 

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