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Renewable Heat.

Renewable heating technology uses sustainable sources to deliver constant supply to a property.

Heating accounts for 20% of carbon emissions and 40% of UK energy consumption, because traditional heating is inefficient and poorly controlled. Gas is currently the most widely-used fuel, followed by electric, oil, and LPG. But renewable heat is set to become the mainstream heating option, following Germany’s lead where heat pumps overtook gas to become the most popular form of domestic heating.

Renewable energy technology has improved, and government incentive schemes make renewable heating systems financially rewarding. Renewable heat is now a contender, reducing utility bills and carbon footprints in the UK.

There are many renewable heating solutions designed for residential and commercial properties. At Smart Renewable Heat, we focus on ground source, air source, and hybrid heat pumps. In addition to heat pumps, property owners can also use biomass and solar thermal energy to heat their building.

We specialise in the following heat pump technologies…

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

Extract heat from the outside air for your heating and hot water systems. Perfect for properties with limited outdoor space, and highly efficient.

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ground source heat pump installer

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Use the heat stored naturally in nearby soil or rock to power your property’s heating and hot water supply. Available in vertical or horizontal design.

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Hybrid Heat Pumps

Integrate your traditional boiler-powered heating system with a heat pump to create a bespoke system, operating according your needs.

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The benefits of renewable heat

Renewable heat is cheaper and more efficient. Whilst initial costs can be high when compared to traditional fossil fuel boilers, property owners benefit from financial help and government incentives. Renewable heating systems are proven to cut utility bills and add value to a property. Our experts advise you on the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, ensuring that your heat pump installation pays off. As an MCS accredited installer with over 3,000 installations under our belt, your project is in safe hands.

Most importantly, renewable heat is better for the environment. Fossil fuels pollute the atmosphere at a time when we drastically need to cut carbon emissions. Decarbonising heat in the UK is an ongoing process, with many challenges. Smart Renewable Heat keeps this process smooth for clients, ensuring they comply with regulations and get the most from their system.

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