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Heat Pump Installer in South West England

Smart Renewable Heat is pleased to offer heat pump installation and renewable heating systems to the South West of England. The awareness of the need to switch to renewable energy sources and heating solutions is not new to the South West region, and we’re happy to be helping on large and small heat pump projects.

Private organisations and universities in the region have been particularly active in the green space, having initiated research to better understand renewables and alternative energy. Their focus on how to make sustainable energy solutions plausible for homeowners and businesses has contributed greatly to the argument for greener heating.

About Us

We’re excited to get involved in properties in the South West, helping self-builders, building professionals, architects, and consulting engineers navigate the complex world of heat pumps. We help with Ground and Air Source Heat Pump installations, whether it’s from the start of a construction project or involving a switch from traditional heating.

Smart Renewable Heat brings more than 20 years of experience and MCS accreditation. We design, supply, and install the perfect heating solution for each individual project, according to specific requirements. We offer an end-to-end solution, with heat pump servicing available to those who need support after the project is completed.

Self-build and renovation

We offer turnkey solutions to simplify project management. Our in-house engineering team provide a hassle-free single point of responsibility, minimise energy costs, maximise financial incentives, and help with full system handover and ongoing support.

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Air Source Heat Pump

Switching to heat pumps

We provide a full end-to-end service for property owners switching to heat pumps. With 240 years of experience between us, your heating upgrade is sure to be seamless. We help you choose a heat pump that will save money and reduce carbon emissions.

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We provide a cost-efficient annual service and fault call and repair service for Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps. Our experienced qualified engineers will ensure the optimum healthy operation of yours or your client’s renewable heat system.

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Professional partnerships

We offer a nationwide turnkey heat pump installation service, providing long-term value and peace of mind for everyone involved. If you’re an architect, developer, landowner, builder, or consulting engineer – we’re here to cover your renewable heating needs.

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About South West England

South West England is largely a rural region, which is located along the coastline of the English and Bristol Channels. Due to its coastal location, it is a popular day trip destination for tourists. Bristol, Plymouth, and Bath are among the most popular towns and cities that belong in this region. The famous Stonehenge prehistoric monument is also located in this region, in Wiltshire.

The region is one of the major proponents of switching to renewable heating sources in the UK. Both onshore and offshore renewable energy sources have seen a steady growth in the past decade (from 2005 to 2015). The same goes with the expansion of renewable heating systems in South West England. The region is targeting to deliver 290 MW of renewable energy by 2020.

Bristol and Bath are the major cities in the northern part of the South West. Moving down through Somerset into Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset, we also serve Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay and Yeovil. Smart Renewable Heat is a nationwide heat pump installer, and we’re proud to help the South West of England adopt new heat pump technologies.

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