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Heat Recovery Systems

Welcome the fresh, warm air into your property.

Normally, air circulates around a property, turns stale, and gets replaced by colder air – which is then heated by the heating system. A heat recovery system provides a more efficient option. A heat recovery system will not replace your boiler or heat pump for the heating of your property, but it will ensure maximum efficiency by recycling warm air, rather than losing it. For the best results, pair an Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump with a Heat Recovery System.

Air Source Heat Pump

Extract stale air from your property

Get rid of the stale air from your property, but don’t lose the heat. A heat recovery system is the most efficient ventilation solution for residential and commercial.

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Maintain indoor temperature

With a heat recovery system, you won’t lose the consistent temperature indoors. This ventilation option offers fresh, warm air constantly circulating.

Stay comfortable and efficient

Use in combination with a heat pump system for optimum efficiency, significantly reducing your carbon emissions and utility bills.

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Considering a renewable heating system? Our guides will help.

Smart Renewable Heat

We are renewable heating experts, specialising in Heat Recovery Systems, Ground Source Heat Pumps, and Air Source Heat Pumps. We work with property owners (residential and commercial) and with industry professionals on projects all over the UK. Smart Renewable Heat will provide complete peace of mind, integrating a heat pump design, supply, and installation into your project timeline.

Heat Recovery Systems provide superior ventilation, recycling the stale air to bring in fresh warm air. These systems are suitable for larger properties in particular, with many commercial and office buildings benefiting from their efficiency. For more information about Heat Recovery Systems or any of our renewable heating solutions, contact us today.

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