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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Extract heat from the ground with a GSHP.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) extract heat from the ground; either from rock or surface soil, or from a lake or riverbed. The system can be designed in a vertical or horizontal format, using a deep drilled borehole or shallower trenches.

The system circulates a combination of water and antifreeze through ground loops, which absorbs the underground heat and filters it through a heat exchanger into the pump. A Ground Source Heat Pump is a super-efficient heating system, delivering year-round heat to residential and commercial properties.

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Meet building regulations

Comply with UK government guidelines and local authority building regulations, reduce carbon emissions, and improve your SAP calculations. Go green, and get efficient.

financial benefits heat pumpsBenefit financially

Add real value to your home, reduce monthly utility bills, and claim Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. A GSHP makes sense for your pocket and the environment.

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Enjoy the simplicity

GSHPs are low maintenance, and straightforward to install if you have the space. No planning permission is required for standard new-builds or renovations in the UK.

“Loving the GSHP you installed for us and it’s proving to be very economical. Very pleased. We are now ready to apply for our RHI payments and hope you can point us in the right direction.”

Chris, Sheffield

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Smart Renewable Heat

We are an award-winning heat pump installation company, serving clients all over Britain. Our team specialises in Ground Source Heat Pumps for residential and commercial buildings, and we take care of the whole project from start-to-finish. Our partners include homeowners, self-builders, architects, consulting engineers, landowners, and agents.

Other technologies we work with include Air Source Heat Pumps, Hybrid Heat Pumps, and Heat Recovery Systems. The suitable system for each client depends on a number of factors, which we outline in detail according to your situation. Smart Renewable Heat is your expert renewable heating partner, for large and small projects. With over 20 years in business and over 1,000 heat pump installations under our belt, we are the UK’s leading heat pump installer.

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