Heat Pumps for UK Builders - Smart Renewable Heat

Heat Pumps for UK Builders

New builds and renovations must incorporate an energy efficient approach to utilities. Indeed, clients and planning authorities demand this. In this exclusive guide, we clear up your questions about renewable heating. Download yours now, free of charge.

Heat pumps for UK builders

Karl Drage Smart RenewableIn this guide, designed specifically for UK builders, we answer questions about Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps. You’ll learn about the technology, its impact on project timelines, effective site management, and communicating with project stakeholders about renewable heating. With over 1,000 projects under our belt, we really do know the process of integrating heat pump installation with a construction or renovation job.

This guide covers:

  • What does a UK builder need to know?
  • Which type of system should I recommend?
  • The space required for heat pumps
  • Heat pumps and project timelines
  • Planning permission and heat pumps
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Take a look inside…

Builders, get hold of your must-read guide!

If you work with a client that needs a heat pump, or if you’d like to partner up for the long-term, our expertise will help. With such a confusing range of advice out there, this guide gives you the essential information about heat pumps and your residential or commercial project.

Download your guide for free today!

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