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Heat Distribution

Take it easy with one expert team for your total heating service, and ask us to provide your heat distribution solution. We provide competitive rates for heating systems to complement your heat pump.

Underfloor heating is highly recommended, as the whole floor area acts like a radiator. Heat pumps run at lower temperatures than traditional heating systems, and at lower flow temperatures, a larger surface area is required to deliver the required heat into the room. Large radiators can also work efficiently with a heat pump system and can operate with underfloor heating as a combined option. If you own an existing property, our experienced team will assess the suitability of the current radiators for use with a heat pump.

By fully understanding the heating requirements of your home, Smart Renewable Heat will ensure the heating system operates at maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Further savings are made by optimising and integrating the controls of the heat pump and underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has lower running costs due to lower water operating temperatures. You also have increased space, because you don’t need to position furniture and other interior items around radiators. Underfloor also helps you meet low energy legislation, aiding compliance with Part L Building Regulations. There is the luxury benefit of having premium heating and hot water with clean aesthetics and your choice of flooring won’t be impacted because of the lower operating temperature. You will lower CO2 emissions and energy consumption, and your heat pump will operate at maximum efficiency.


Radiators can be installed to complement your heat pump where underfloor heating is not a suitable solution. You can also combine both solutions; with underfloor heating throughout the ground floor and radiators on the first floor. It is important that the radiators are carefully sized to ensure efficiency and avoid high running costs. Our technical design team will recommend suitable radiators for your project.

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Smart Renewable Heat

As the UK’s leading heat pump installer, Smart Renewable Heat is helping homeowners and businesses switch to more efficient heating. We know that heat distribution is a key part of every project, and this aspect needs to be right in order for the heat pump to work efficiently. Our team can help you from start-to-finish, ensuring that your renewable heat solution is perfectly suited to your property’s heat distribution system.

Heat distribution solutions such as underfloor and radiators can be paired optimally with ground source, air source, or hybrid heat pump systems. We have more than 20 years of experience and have completed over 3,000 heat pump installations completed by our team. In many cases, we also help property owners design and install the perfect underfloor heating or radiator network.

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