Heating Swimming Pools

At Smart Renewable Heat we work with swimming pools as well

Heat Pumps are an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool and will keep a constant temperature

Swimming Pools' project we are usually involved with:

  • New swimming pools' projects.
  • Existing swimming pools that need to be found a solution to heat them up.

Are you building a new swimming pool?

Small Pools:

 The pool water is heated using a simple heat exchanger – we might provide a hot water feed from the heat pump to supply this, and the area around the pool might be heated using underfloor heating and/or radiators which again we can serve using the heat pump.

Large Pools:

 There is often a single machine that looks after the pool room space heating (using blown hot air), dehumidification of the air, and heating the pool water.

We provide a hot water feed to supply these machines with the energy they need.


Do you already have a swimming pool and want to heat it up?

Different alternatives solve this problem. On the one hand, if  you are using a simple heat exchanger, this will need to be replaced with a larger unit that will work with the heat pump which is not too expensive to do. On the other hand i if you already have a calorex/heatstar type machine this will probably need to be replaced. Installation time will vary, but a couple of days is probably a good starting point.

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Smart Renewable Heat only supply MCS accredited heat pumps and are MCS certified installers ensuring you qualify for all available grant funding.

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