Ultimate Air Source Heat Pump Guide

How does an air source heat pump work?

An Air Source Heat Pump uses a fan unit that sits outside the property - capturing energy directly from the air. Inside the heat pump, the energy is compressed to form a higher temperature, creating the heat that is sent into the home.

How does an air source heat pump work?

Benefits of an air source heat pump

  • Lower running costs compared to traditional heating methods such as oil, LPG and direct electric.
  • The flexibility of heat pumps means they can be used with either underfloor heating, radiators or a combination of the two.
  • Renewable technologies such as heat pumps are eligible for 0% VAT for new build properties.
  • Positive low energy and low running cost marketing message if you sell the property.
  • Minimal maintenance required.


Are air source heat pumps noisy?

Modern air source heat pumps are extremely quiet and should not provide any disturbance to you or your neighbours if installed properly.

Planning regulations stated that the noise level at the nearest assessment point (your neighbours nearest window) must be 42 dBa or less - approximately the background noise you woul expect in a library.

Can an air source heat pump heat my home in winter?

It might seem impossible, but most air source heat pumps can still heat your home when outdoor temperatures are as cold as -20⁰C.

The same process happens every day in your kitchen; your fridge/freezer continually extracts the heat from the freezer compartment to keep it at about -18⁰C. Heat pumps use exactly the same technology to extract heat from even very cold air.

How much space do I need inside to install an air heat pump system?

Heat pumps do require more space than a wallhung boiler, and the hot water cylinder is often situated next to the heat pump rather than in an airing cupboard, so planning a dedicated area for the equipment is a good idea. Utility rooms, garages, basements and even detached outbuildings can make a good plant room.

A typical Air source system will require an area approximately 1m deep by 1m – 1.5m wide. 

Do you want to know more about whether you need planning permission?

Smart Renewable Heat only supply MCS accredited heat pumps and are MCS certified installers ensuring you qualify for all available grant funding.

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